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Awesome Artistic Unique Ladybug Notebooks

Here you can find and buy awesome and artistic designer ladybug notebooks from M&I Zazzle store!

New Awesome Ladybug Designs Implemented on Today's Collection of Notebooks

Hello dear reader! Today I decided to go back to good old notebooks, and make some awesome artistic designs for them. Today I am bringing you THE LADYBUGS! We all love them, right? These great looking, uniquely painted ladybug notebooks will be your best friend, keeping all your important notes at one place and on safe.

A gallery at the bottom of this post has SEVEN new and unique notebooks: some of them are abstract, and some send a direct message. You choose what suits you the best. They are mostly in orange and light-blue tones. It is summer, so it is appropriate to work with warm colors, so I did.

This is first time I decided to experiment with text in phototshop! I must admit, text added personal and unique touch to these artistic ladybug notebooks. I decided to go slowly with it, so I just added simple, short lines to today's item. Something like: "I love ladybugs sooo much". You can see how does it look like on the image below!

awesome artistic love ladybugs botebooks
Awesome Ladybug Design for
new Collection of Notebooks

Customize your ladybug notebooks (fully customizable)!

Personalize ladybug notebooks to meet your own standards! Make them ever more unique and artistic!

These cool products we make on Zazzle are fully customizable! You are given the choice to add your own text, or change the existing. Why not add your name to these lovely products? Wouldn't it be awesome to have a notebooks with your own name on it, or with the meaningful message on its cover? Sure it would be! We are letting you do just that. Personalize these artistic ladybug notebooks in your own way!

Working with letters in Photoshop: way to create unique artistic notebooks with original message!

An other way to add personal touch to your Zazzle products!

I used special graffiti letters to create these cool, cartoon text effects. "I love biology" and "I love ladybugs sooo much" are examples of text effects on today's Zazzle products. 
Font used in these examples is Juice, and it can be found on the Internet, and downloaded for free. After that you just need to use some imagination and there you go. 
On the image above I used brushes to add some additional effects to the message. With round brush I added some dots in the way they would appear on ladybugs' wings, and also I used it to fill space between letters.
You can experiment with it. I am sure everyone can create cool artistic designs with Photoshop! 

Awesome Artistic Ladybug Notebooks (product details):

  • Dimensions: 6.5" x 8.75"
  • Cover printed in vivid, sharp color
  • 80  lined pages
  • Lay flat spiral binding
  • Price: 12,95 USD

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I hope you enjoyed this small presentation of my new Zazzle products! Let me know. I would love to hear from you! 
Thank you!

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