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Awesome Custom Artistic iPhone 4/4S Cases

Here you can find and buy awesome iPhone 4/4S cases from M&I Zazzle store!

Back to IPhone 4/4S Cases. Continuing Work on Awesome Artistic Designs for iPhone!

Hello, dear reader! For today I prepared a post about iPhone cases I have designed on Zazzle. I am huge fan of iPhone, and iPhone 4s is one of my favorite devices. I have done few designs for them couple months ago (Personalized Designer iPhone Cases).
In this post you can find 7 new products with high quality vector designs. I hope you will like them. There is link for purchasing them placed next to every item. Link is taking you to original Zazzle store, where you can buy selected product, or you can check out my other products.

I used mostly some drafts created for notebooks and wall clocks. I decided to bring them back into the life and place them on the back of these lovely iPhones. As you already know, all designs have been uploaded in high resolution to Zazzle, so there is no way images can seem blur, or low quality. All .jpg files have been made in photoshop, and those are vector images used in the process. This, also, guarantees quality of the image.

Combining good old with great new designs for the best experience with these awesome custom artistic iPhone 4/4S cases!

I experimented a bit with my new brushes, and decided to make one iPhone case using new beetle designs. I hope you will like it, because I decided to use beetle brushes to make one or few collections of iPhone cases, or some other products. They are amazing and look so artistic. My girlfriend has done the drawing. :D

awesome custom artistic iphone 4s cases

Design for iPhone Cases
I am sure that, if you decide to buy a custom iPhone case, you won't be sorry. There are thousands of testimonials Zazzle is receiving from their satisfied customers. You will, and there is no doubt, soon find out that you love your awesome artistic iPhone case more than your mobile device itself. 
These originally designed, artistic products will be perfect gifts for you and your close friends or relatives. Bring some bright colors and cheerful designs to your loved ones! They will surely appreciate it!

Custom artistic iPhone 4/4S cases (product details):

Depth: 0.52 inches
Width: 2.5 inches
Height: 4.65 inches
Weight: 2.0 oz. 
Being compatible with Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T models of the iPhone 4/4S, Zazzle's awesome custom iPhone 4/4S cases offer the perfect fit for your phone no matter the carrier. 

Bring these artistic cases, made of durable fabrics, with you, no matter where are you going to!

Let me know if you like the products I listed below! I would love to hear from you!
Thank you!

Artistic iPhone 4/4s Cases (GALLERY):

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