недеља, 15. јул 2012.

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Awesome Artistic Unique Ladybug Notebooks

Here you can find and buy awesome and artistic designer ladybug notebooks from M&I Zazzle store!

New Awesome Ladybug Designs Implemented on Today's Collection of Notebooks

Hello dear reader! Today I decided to go back to good old notebooks, and make some awesome artistic designs for them. Today I am bringing you THE LADYBUGS! We all love them, right? These great looking, uniquely painted ladybug notebooks will be your best friend, keeping all your important notes at one place and on safe.

A gallery at the bottom of this post has SEVEN new and unique notebooks: some of them are abstract, and some send a direct message. You choose what suits you the best. They are mostly in orange and light-blue tones. It is summer, so it is appropriate to work with warm colors, so I did.

This is first time I decided to experiment with text in phototshop! I must admit, text added personal and unique touch to these artistic ladybug notebooks. I decided to go slowly with it, so I just added simple, short lines to today's item. Something like: "I love ladybugs sooo much". You can see how does it look like on the image below!

awesome artistic love ladybugs botebooks
Awesome Ladybug Design for
new Collection of Notebooks

Customize your ladybug notebooks (fully customizable)!

Personalize ladybug notebooks to meet your own standards! Make them ever more unique and artistic!

These cool products we make on Zazzle are fully customizable! You are given the choice to add your own text, or change the existing. Why not add your name to these lovely products? Wouldn't it be awesome to have a notebooks with your own name on it, or with the meaningful message on its cover? Sure it would be! We are letting you do just that. Personalize these artistic ladybug notebooks in your own way!

Working with letters in Photoshop: way to create unique artistic notebooks with original message!

An other way to add personal touch to your Zazzle products!

I used special graffiti letters to create these cool, cartoon text effects. "I love biology" and "I love ladybugs sooo much" are examples of text effects on today's Zazzle products. 
Font used in these examples is Juice, and it can be found on the Internet, and downloaded for free. After that you just need to use some imagination and there you go. 
On the image above I used brushes to add some additional effects to the message. With round brush I added some dots in the way they would appear on ladybugs' wings, and also I used it to fill space between letters.
You can experiment with it. I am sure everyone can create cool artistic designs with Photoshop! 

Awesome Artistic Ladybug Notebooks (product details):

  • Dimensions: 6.5" x 8.75"
  • Cover printed in vivid, sharp color
  • 80  lined pages
  • Lay flat spiral binding
  • Price: 12,95 USD

Check more Awesome Artistic Notebooks on M&I Zazzle Blog!

I hope you enjoyed this small presentation of my new Zazzle products! Let me know. I would love to hear from you! 
Thank you!

субота, 14. јул 2012.

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Awesome Custom Artistic iPhone 4/4S Cases

Here you can find and buy awesome iPhone 4/4S cases from M&I Zazzle store!

Back to IPhone 4/4S Cases. Continuing Work on Awesome Artistic Designs for iPhone!

Hello, dear reader! For today I prepared a post about iPhone cases I have designed on Zazzle. I am huge fan of iPhone, and iPhone 4s is one of my favorite devices. I have done few designs for them couple months ago (Personalized Designer iPhone Cases).
In this post you can find 7 new products with high quality vector designs. I hope you will like them. There is link for purchasing them placed next to every item. Link is taking you to original Zazzle store, where you can buy selected product, or you can check out my other products.

I used mostly some drafts created for notebooks and wall clocks. I decided to bring them back into the life and place them on the back of these lovely iPhones. As you already know, all designs have been uploaded in high resolution to Zazzle, so there is no way images can seem blur, or low quality. All .jpg files have been made in photoshop, and those are vector images used in the process. This, also, guarantees quality of the image.

Combining good old with great new designs for the best experience with these awesome custom artistic iPhone 4/4S cases!

I experimented a bit with my new brushes, and decided to make one iPhone case using new beetle designs. I hope you will like it, because I decided to use beetle brushes to make one or few collections of iPhone cases, or some other products. They are amazing and look so artistic. My girlfriend has done the drawing. :D

awesome custom artistic iphone 4s cases

Design for iPhone Cases
I am sure that, if you decide to buy a custom iPhone case, you won't be sorry. There are thousands of testimonials Zazzle is receiving from their satisfied customers. You will, and there is no doubt, soon find out that you love your awesome artistic iPhone case more than your mobile device itself. 
These originally designed, artistic products will be perfect gifts for you and your close friends or relatives. Bring some bright colors and cheerful designs to your loved ones! They will surely appreciate it!

Custom artistic iPhone 4/4S cases (product details):

Depth: 0.52 inches
Width: 2.5 inches
Height: 4.65 inches
Weight: 2.0 oz. 
Being compatible with Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T models of the iPhone 4/4S, Zazzle's awesome custom iPhone 4/4S cases offer the perfect fit for your phone no matter the carrier. 

Bring these artistic cases, made of durable fabrics, with you, no matter where are you going to!

Let me know if you like the products I listed below! I would love to hear from you!
Thank you!

Artistic iPhone 4/4s Cases (GALLERY):

петак, 13. јул 2012.

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Awesome Custom Original Wall Clocks

Find and buy cool original wall clocks from my Zazzle store. 

Awesome Custom Original Wall Clocks from M&I Zazzle Store

Hello, dear reader. Today I am presenting you these lovely designed wall clocks. They are new feature on Zazzle, so I rushed in to try it. And guess what, these new products are really awesome. As always I bring only original designs for high quality Zazzle items, and plus they are fully customisable. This means you are able to change or add any text to the original product. 

For this set of custom wall clocks I used some of my old drafts and drawings, and also I have created new ones. Giraffes and turtles are on new products once more, but this time I added nice abstract tree, snowflake and sun burst features too. 

Awesome design for custom wall clocks
Abstract tree

Wall Clocks: New Cool Zazzle Products:

Few days ago this web site for earning money buy uploading own images has released new set of products which can be designed by community members for their customers. Wall clocks are one of these new items, and I was so happy to see it possible to design clocks. I am huge passionate colectioner of them, and I started making drafts and drawings right away. 
You can see the results of the first day of working with paper and photoshop. I hope you will like the ones I have chosen for you. Gallery can be seen at the bottom of the page

Zazzle's custom wall clocks come in three sizes and styles: round medium (8" diameter), round large (10,75") and square (10,75" x 10,75"). Originally, these clocks don't have numbers displayed on them. It is on the side of the designer if he wants to add them. In my today's collection, I have chosen products with no numbers on them, but you can customize them the way you want. As I said, these awesome wall clocks are fully customizable.

Wall Clock- Product Details:

Starting at $19.95
  • 3 sizes and styles
  • AA battery required (not included)
  • Made in 10-14 business days
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

What to expect from this Zazzle store in the future?

We have already started drawing and designing new images for more wall clocks. We have in plan to release few more collections of this products to you, dear readers. In next few days you will be offered with new clocks which will have numbers added to, but still fully customizable. So, if you don't like the numbers, you can just delete them.

We hope you will enjoy today's selection, and perhaps even buy one or more. Anyway, we are lucky to have you here!


среда, 11. јул 2012.

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Cool Personalized Giraffe Custom Notebooks in M&I Zazzle Store

Check out my collection of custom giraffe notebooks. High Quality Zazzle products designed by me!

Personalized Giraffe Notebooks in M&I Zazzle Store

Hello dear readers!
Today I am presenting you new collection of custom notebooks straight from my M&I Zazzle store. Today we have giraffes on menu. :) And that is not any giraffes, but few very cool and cute. As always I have done these designs for notebooks in Photoshop. 
This time I will explain you how to create your own giraffes and/or other animal brushes in this program, so you could design your products in the same way. 

Giraffes are one of my favorite animals. Everywhere, they have been presented as cute and funny creatures. I am sure everyone adores them. How not to? These prints you can see on my products have been created by me either by drawing them on paper, or by doing them in designer programs, such as Photoshop, or Harmony. 

How to create your own giraffe brush in Photoshop?

How to: Giraffe Brushes in Photoshop!

Anyone can create his own giraffe brush using this useful, easy-to-handle, professional tool. Can you draw? I can't, but my girlfriend can. I can do some digital art myself, and that is what I do. Paper drawing is done by my GF. 
  • Simply, just draw something by yourself, or ask someone to do it for you.
  • Take the photo of your artwork, or scan the image.
  • Open the .jpg/.png file in Photoshop and duplicate background layer.
  • Make background layer invisible (you don't need two of them the same).
  • Go to Image and in adjustments choose Black & White option (all brushes must be done in B&W).
  • Go to Layer and in options choose Blending options. Adjust it to erase all the background. Be careful not to brake down the lines somewhere. 
  • You can play with options to make lines darker, or erase unwanted parts by eraser, or add new things...
  • After you are done choose: EDIT>define brush preset
You are done and ready to create Cool Personalized Giraffe Custom Notebooks by yourself. :)
cool personalized giraffe custom notebooks on Zazzle
One of my designs: Giraffe Notebooks on Zazzle

Have you checked my other custom notebooks I have been designing on Zazzle?

Recommending other Personalized Custom Notebooks:

For the past few months I have been designing lots of notebooks on Zazzle. This is latest collection of those designed using giraffe motives . I am fun of giraffes. But I also love all sorts of other animals (such as turtles), and I do abstract designs too.

Please check these out if you have some time:
Awesome custom Turtle Notebooks
Abstract Personalized Notebooks
Amazing and Funny

I hope you will enjoy them, and maybe decide to buy one or more. I would love to hear a comment from you about my designs. Your opinion means a lot to me!

Giraffe Notebooks (product specifications):

  • Size: 6.5" x 8.75",
  • Cover printed in vibrant, sharp color,
  • 80 black & white lined pages,
  • Lay flat spiral binding,
  • Price: 12.95 USD.
  • Delivery tomorrow!

Gallery with Personalized Giraffe Custom Notebooks:

Funny Giraffe Notebook
Buy "Funny Giraffe" Notebook
Visit  M&I Zazzle Store

петак, 22. јун 2012.

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Awesome Custom Turtle Notebooks from M&I Zazzle Store

Presenting you awesome custom turtle notebooks straight from M&I Zazzle store!

Art for my awesome custom turtle notebooks
Turtles on the menu today. ;)

These days I was experimenting with new brushes in photoshop. I decided I could create interesting new brush or brushes, to add more personal touch to my Zazzle products. My experimenting ended up with creating few turtle and leaves brushes. I thought, this would be perfect for my new awesome custom turtle collection of notebooks

With photoshop  it has never been this easy to create art. Do some digital or paper drawing by yourself, import it into photoshop and make a brush of it. Then, you can use it when ever you want. It is yours, it came out of your mind, and now it is making money for you. Isn't that great? That is what I have done with these custom turtle notebooks

How to create custom brushes and create original art for your Zazzle notebooks?

What I do is paper drawing, because it is so much easier than using pen in photoshop. You can do it that way, or you can use other program to create your own doodle. This time I was drawing turtles. I used other models of turtles online to help myself create authentic one. :)
When you draw anything you want on the paper, take camera and create a digital photograph of your piece of art. 
Then upload it to your computer, and open the image in photoshop. Be sure to transfer the image into grey scale, so your lines should be black and background white. When you create brush, black parts will be visible, and white parts of image will be transparent areas. 

Follow: EDIT> create brush preset> name your brush> click OK. 

Great, now you have your own brush. Why don't you create some awesome custom notebook on Zazzle? Maybe you like turtles too, so you could create turtle notebook of your own. :D

I hope you will like my selection of notebooks I made, and maybe even buy one. Have a look at them on the bottom of the page, and don't forget to check other collections too: 

Custom Turtle Notebooks (product details):

  • Size: 6.5" x 8.75"
  • Cover printed in vibrant, sharp color
  • 80 black & white lined pages
  • Lay flat spiral binding

I hope you will leave comment, and express your opinion about these custom notebooks from my M&I Zazzle store!

уторак, 19. јун 2012.

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Awesome Personalized Abstract Notebooks in M&I Zazzle Store

Our New Collection of Abstract Personalized Notebooks in M&I Zazzle Store

Enjoy new collection of Abstract Personalized Notebooks
Enjoy new collection of Abstract Personalized Notebooks!
This time I present you six awesome personalized notebooks from Zazzle store, that I have designed in photoshop. They are bright, cheerful, positive and great looking. Keep track of your notes with these stylish notebooks, which are made of top quality materials. Zazzle guarantees quality, and fast shipment. Order one or more that you love today, and have them on your doorstep tomorrow!

In this new collection I used various motives, such as turtles, leaves, 3D objects, rainbow brushes and smoke brushes to create something completely new in M&I Zazzle store. By using masks and layers I added a bit of confusion and mess to my designs, which gives illusion of overlaying, and deepness. It seems as if you are surrounded by those objects you look at on these products.

Do you like turtles? If so, this collection of awesome personalized notebooks is just perfect for you! On most of our products in this selection, you can find a turtle. They are just cute, and they add a bit of kid's touch to the Zazzle items. Perfect for you who still pretend to be children. I am one of you! ;)

If you enjoyed these products, maybe you would like to check these other artistic personalized notebooks in M&I Zazzle store and cool giraffe notebooks!

Personalized Abstract Notebooks (product details):

  • Size: 6.5" x 8.75"
  • Cover printed in vibrant, sharp color
  • 80 black & white lined pages
  • Lay flat spiral binding
Great way to show off your personal style and keep up with all important notes and appointments at the same time in the same multifunctional notebook!

Personalized Abstract Notebooks (Gallery from M&I Zazzle Store):