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Awesome Custom Original Wall Clocks

Find and buy cool original wall clocks from my Zazzle store. 

Awesome Custom Original Wall Clocks from M&I Zazzle Store

Hello, dear reader. Today I am presenting you these lovely designed wall clocks. They are new feature on Zazzle, so I rushed in to try it. And guess what, these new products are really awesome. As always I bring only original designs for high quality Zazzle items, and plus they are fully customisable. This means you are able to change or add any text to the original product. 

For this set of custom wall clocks I used some of my old drafts and drawings, and also I have created new ones. Giraffes and turtles are on new products once more, but this time I added nice abstract tree, snowflake and sun burst features too. 

Awesome design for custom wall clocks
Abstract tree

Wall Clocks: New Cool Zazzle Products:

Few days ago this web site for earning money buy uploading own images has released new set of products which can be designed by community members for their customers. Wall clocks are one of these new items, and I was so happy to see it possible to design clocks. I am huge passionate colectioner of them, and I started making drafts and drawings right away. 
You can see the results of the first day of working with paper and photoshop. I hope you will like the ones I have chosen for you. Gallery can be seen at the bottom of the page

Zazzle's custom wall clocks come in three sizes and styles: round medium (8" diameter), round large (10,75") and square (10,75" x 10,75"). Originally, these clocks don't have numbers displayed on them. It is on the side of the designer if he wants to add them. In my today's collection, I have chosen products with no numbers on them, but you can customize them the way you want. As I said, these awesome wall clocks are fully customizable.

Wall Clock- Product Details:

Starting at $19.95
  • 3 sizes and styles
  • AA battery required (not included)
  • Made in 10-14 business days
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

What to expect from this Zazzle store in the future?

We have already started drawing and designing new images for more wall clocks. We have in plan to release few more collections of this products to you, dear readers. In next few days you will be offered with new clocks which will have numbers added to, but still fully customizable. So, if you don't like the numbers, you can just delete them.

We hope you will enjoy today's selection, and perhaps even buy one or more. Anyway, we are lucky to have you here!


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