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Awesome Personalized Abstract Notebooks in M&I Zazzle Store

Our New Collection of Abstract Personalized Notebooks in M&I Zazzle Store

Enjoy new collection of Abstract Personalized Notebooks
Enjoy new collection of Abstract Personalized Notebooks!
This time I present you six awesome personalized notebooks from Zazzle store, that I have designed in photoshop. They are bright, cheerful, positive and great looking. Keep track of your notes with these stylish notebooks, which are made of top quality materials. Zazzle guarantees quality, and fast shipment. Order one or more that you love today, and have them on your doorstep tomorrow!

In this new collection I used various motives, such as turtles, leaves, 3D objects, rainbow brushes and smoke brushes to create something completely new in M&I Zazzle store. By using masks and layers I added a bit of confusion and mess to my designs, which gives illusion of overlaying, and deepness. It seems as if you are surrounded by those objects you look at on these products.

Do you like turtles? If so, this collection of awesome personalized notebooks is just perfect for you! On most of our products in this selection, you can find a turtle. They are just cute, and they add a bit of kid's touch to the Zazzle items. Perfect for you who still pretend to be children. I am one of you! ;)

If you enjoyed these products, maybe you would like to check these other artistic personalized notebooks in M&I Zazzle store and cool giraffe notebooks!

Personalized Abstract Notebooks (product details):

  • Size: 6.5" x 8.75"
  • Cover printed in vibrant, sharp color
  • 80 black & white lined pages
  • Lay flat spiral binding
Great way to show off your personal style and keep up with all important notes and appointments at the same time in the same multifunctional notebook!

Personalized Abstract Notebooks (Gallery from M&I Zazzle Store):

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