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Intoduction to M&I Zazzle Store

Who Are We and What Made Us 

Create Zazzle Store?


I am writing for both: me and my girlfriend. We have recently opened our own Zazzle store. We have heard about it few months ago, but never actually tried to check it out. We knew it is place where you can earn by selling personalized products, but never, until recently, thought we could try it out. 

What Is Zazzle? 

Can I Actually Own My Online Store There?

Zazzle is huge online community dedicated to selling personalized products to online population. It is really popular place, where millions of people go to buy original product designed by some member of its community. The idea is that you upload any picture or photo you have to Zazzle and print it on products. 
There are lots of products you are able to print on. For example, you can upload your personal graphic design art and print it on mugs, pillows, notebooks, stickers, T-shirts, hats, tea-pots, skate-boards, plates... Hundreds of possibility are waiting for you! 
You can make dozens of product in just few hours and upload them to your own store you have previously created. There is option to create categories, and manage your products trough them. Can you imagine better way of earning money online? Imagination and little work is all you need to become major online salesman!

Back to School

It is me swimming in wast Zazzle ocean!

My girlfriend and I decided to finally try this thing out! After first few minutes of experimenting and discovering this new world, we fell in love. It was so easy to and lots of fun to make your art, and then see it on various products online. Of course, with possibility to sell those products in our own Zazzle store, and earn nice amount of money online.
Try it!

Check our newest products on Zazzle and if you like them, you may even buy them! Thanx!

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